Oil Sands Strong is a grassroots group of Canadians banding together to support our oil sands. Our mission is to fight back against attacks by providing the public with the factual information they need to help make informed decisions about the cause.

Oil and gas have been the lifeblood of the Canadian economy for decades. The country is the world's fourth-largest producer of oil and gas, and the industry contributes significantly to the national GDP. ⠀

The oil and gas sector provides direct and indirect employment to thousands of Canadians and generates billions of dollars in revenue every year.⠀

Canada's vast reserves of oil and gas have also enabled the country to become a major player in the global energy market, providing a reliable source of energy to many countries.

Many families have built their livelihoods around the industry, and it has become an integral part of their cultural identity.⠀

The oil and gas industry also supports a wide range of businesses, from suppliers and service providers to restaurants and retail shops, further contributing to the local economy.

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Our Story


Here at Oil Sands Strong, we believe in a strong industry, the tenacious people who work in it, and a future filled with opportunity, potential and prosperity for all Canadians.

With the third largest oil reserves in the world, Canada stands proudly as a leader in ethical oil production. Thousands of Canadians rely on the oil sands for employment opportunities, and millions more benefit from the products the industry creates.

Oil Sands Strong is a grassroots movement of Canadians who have come together to support – and protect – the oil sands industry. This movement is under attack from partisan politicians, extreme environmentalists, eco-celebrities, and biased media.

The oil sands have long been portrayed as a “dirty industry” while the attackers ignore not only the employment opportunities and benefits but the ground-breaking technology being developed and used in the industry every day to work towards cleaner oil production.

We are about facts and statistics, not political rhetoric, paid environmentalists and clickbait media outlets. Most importantly, it is about the people who put on work boots and coveralls every day to work in the industry, people who truly care about our economy and our future.

Oil Sands Strong is about every Canadian – and fighting back with determination to create a strong future for the oil sands, Alberta, and Canada.


A Little About Robbie Picard

Robbie Picard is driven by his passionate belief in truth – including telling the truth about the tremendous benefits the oil sands industry has brought to Alberta, and all of Canada.

Whether as a key element of the “I (heart) Oil Sands” movement or “Oil Sands Strong”, the brand he independently created, Robbie has invested time, money, and hard work in not just defending but also promoting the Alberta oil sands industry. Fearless when confronting misinformation, Robbie has boldly challenged oil sands detractors from Neil Young to Jane Fonda. The video of Robbie confronting Fonda has been viewed around the world and set the stage for dialogue on the role celebrities should – or should not – play when industry and environment meet.

Robbie has been invited to speak across Canada as he continues his oil sands advocacy; he is a trusted advisor to many in the industry and acts as a connector between the oil sands and a world that remains reliant on oil production. His ardent and articulate defense of the industry has resulted in national media attention ranging from The Rebel to CBC.

The Oil Sands Strong movement encompasses Canadians of every demographic and revolves around Robbie’s ardent belief in an industry that has become integral to the Canadian economy, quality of life, and future success.